How Do I Really Get A Six Pack?

Well, to start with, getting six pack abs is a by-product of living a lifestyle which makes burning fat and building lean muscle automatic and natural.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that by focusing on just the “abs” part of the equation you will almost certainly fail. Counter-intuitively you should actually focus on making lifestyle changes (one change at a time) which before long result in your living a life where your nice rock hard six pack abs have emerged all by themselves.

For example, your first change may be using what is known as an “Inversion Mental Model” which basically means looking at your life and instead of thinking in the normal intuitive way, i.e: what do I need to add to my life to get a six pack?

Instead, think: what am I doing right now that if I simply didn’t do would make getting a six pack almost automatic.

One thing that comes to mind, is taking a food journal each day and then at the end of week one looking back and eliminating certain foods from your diet.

You may start with taking out things like chocolate bars, potato chips and similar. This may seem small, yet if you continue to subtract these types of foods from your diet each and every week, you will begin to see the difference in the bathroom mirror very quickly.

After you have taken out all the things in your life which are suffocating your efforts of looking lean, mean with carved abs… It’s time to add some stuff!

First, when thinking about getting a six pack most guys immediately think they should be doing all kinds of ab exercises specifically for the abdominal muscles.

While this appears logical on the surface, let me save you A TON of time and energy by saying right off the bat you should not be doing these types of exercises at all!

Instead you should focus on full body workouts which burn fat.


Because even if you do all the ab exercises in the world, if you are carrying a bunch of belly fat — no one will ever be able to see your hard toil.

Instead, start with big compound movements like bench press, squats and deadlifts and only after you have burned your fat down to the point that you are beginning to see ab muscle, should you start doing your crunches, twists and just about any other ab exercise you can find.